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The Zoological Society of East Anglia, incorporating Banham Zoo and Africa Alive!, is a registered conservation and education charity; therefore we have to carefully monitor the number of free entry tickets that are issued to other organisations for fundraising events that do not directly benefit the zoo or our charitable mission. As major visitor attractions situated in the beautiful counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, we want to support our local community as much as possible.

In order to manage the process of donating free tickets to other organisations the following criteria has been put in place:

  • Tickets will be issued to either organisations or other registered charities whose work clearly supports or relates to our own mission, to advance their roles in wildlife & environment conservation, animal welfare and education, or to schools and community groups in the NR, IP, CB, PE and CO postcodes.

  • We will only donate tickets directly to organisations and charities rather than third parties, i.e. not to those holding events on behalf of other nominated charities or causes.

  • Only one pair of child tickets will be allocated to successful organisations in any twelve month period.


Please fill in all the required information below:

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